Hey listen.

If your horse’s neck looks like that and you say your horse is S0 MUSSLED I’m sad for your horse.

Cresty neck: Not necessarily muscle. Yes, stallions can get quite cresty and there’s some breeds that naturally get more crest than others, like the Spanish breeds, so don’t think I’m saying crestiness is always bad, but if your quarter horse, thoroughbred, draft, or warmblood or whatever else has a cresty neck, take a step back and evaluate.

Cresty neck can be a sign of founder and/or insulin resistance (0/10 do not recommend, have dealt with, do not like these). If your horse is getting a cresty neck, don’t jiggle it and say to your barn friends “hehe how cute!”. Have someone who knows what they’re doing (experienced barn owner, vet, whatever) look at it and give you ideas on where to go. Put your horse on a diet and exercise it. Beeteedubbs, not all horses with cresty neck are obese.

I wish someone had told me this with my first horse. Instead, my barn friends, barn owner’s daughter, and even my [now revealed as stupid] instructor all giggled at how ~cute~ our horses’ necks were, and then suddenly, bam, they’re all laminitic.

UGH i keep seeing horses on every social media network with this neck and it’s so irritating. Your horse shouldn’t go through what mine did, and you shouldn’t go through the regret of being ignorant and not knowing any better. Believe me!

Image from: X (Read that thread if you wanna learn some shit)

As always, correct me if I’m wrong ;)

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