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I was set on not getting a bay horse. || I was hesitant to get a mare ||. I wasn’t going to get a horse with any negative vet reports in the legs, especially not the joints. || I was not going to get a horse that’d have to live more than an hour away from me. || I didn’t want a horse under 17hh, and I wanted one over 8 years old. || I was determined to not get a Warmblood, I was sick of what I’d seen of the industry, not the horses themselves, before I was even Sixteen, and I didn’t want a Thoroughbred; Every one I’d come across had cardiac arrest, colic, or broke a leg, despite being lovely otherwise.

And here we are; me and my bay mare, a 16.3hh Canadian Warmblood (Hano/TB), with bone spurs in the lower section of the right hock, going on 7 years old, who’s a whole 14 hours a way, for various welfare & training reasons.

As a favourite band of mine would say, "Sometimes the one you want is not the one you need." Funny enough, this band is local to where Sunshine is.

And needless to say, I did, I do, and I always will need her.

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